project life (week 11-18)

I haven’t shared Project Life on my blog much at all this year, but I am still at it! I checked back in my archives and it looks like the last time i shared it was around week 10.

I am completely caught up to date, except for vacation weeks which I am documenting separately in another album.  Our European vacation was huge (as you can image by the amount of photos I bombarded you with on this blog) so it is going to take me a while to get everything documented.

Doing one 12 by 12 spread per week has worked out really well for this year.  I have been thinking about how I will do Project Life next year.  I definitely want to keep doing it, I had fun just photographing these pages and glancing back at this year.  Time goes fast, it will be Christmas before we know it and I can’t believe I have almost kept up with documenting every week in our lives via Project Life for two years now.  I may continue with the one page per 12 by 12 album next year as well.  It seems to have worked well for the amount of photos I take and our activities week to week.



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