project life catch up: week 26 and 27

i am officially all caught up on my project life now. just a couple thoughts to share:

i skipped the two weeks while we were on vacation (not sure how i will tackle those yet, but they need a lot more room and thought than a typical week).

at some points in a couple of the weeks, i had to trim down the protector becuause i just didn’t have that much to say, i also had to be okay with just slipping in a filler card of patterned paper and moving on.  trying to fill each slot with information was really stressing me out and keeping me held back from just moving on and getting caught up.

feeling good about being back at it. also moved to my second album at the beginning of july.  i might go back and change the spot where they switch over when i am finished with the year, not so sure yet.

i also decided to design a “project house” card to use within the rest of my album.  helps me track the progress made on renovating and a fun reminder of what we did and when. (and how long it actually took!)

i will be posting more weeks shortly.


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