project life week ten

hello week 10.  i think this is like a record for longest i have ever stuck with something.

i have had a lot of people ask me if i have children or if i am married. so just to clarify a little bit about me. i’m 23 years old.  i am not married. i do not have children and i still do project life.  and i fully believe that you can do project life too. 🙂

i promise.

you still have a life.

i don’t know if i am recording “correct” things or what everyone else writes. but the most important thing to me is that..

1. it reminds me to take more photos of my daily life.

2. helps me appreciate / remember what i have.

3. i am printing pictures out and getting them off my computer into a much more exciting way to look at them.

4. i am still recording my thoughts/ daily bits and pieces of my life.

so i am not sure if i am doing it correctly but i am doing it and so can you. no matter where you are in your life. its fun. i promise.

anyhoo…onto the photos

my parents were still in hawaii for this week, so i included the post card they sent me. i love it so much. its vintage looking and i know my mom picked it out just because she knew i would love it.

we bought a fridge for the new house this week and it ended up not being what we thought so i recorded the story behind it.

thanks for looking!


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