right now: maybe tomorrow


we are experiencing a series of most unfortunate events at our house.  i keep thinking i will get ahead tomorrow but so far it hasn’t been happening. this is what we have been dealing with:

first my car battery died,

then the boy’s car battery died,

then my tire popped,

then my engagement ring got cracked and had to be sent away,

then my computer charger port broke so now i have no way to charge it,

then one of the card readers in tom’s camera broke (luckily there are two so this is a “put off for now issue”,

then my studio remodel process got complicated when the floor was cracked and unexpectedly uneven making new flooring a million times more complicated (for us who know nothing about floor installation).

fortunately some of these things like the ring and hopefully the laptop are covered by warranty but still a hassle and most unfortunate to deal with.  I am trying to combine my blog and website which is also giving me a lot of grief and that is slowing down my progress.  I have tons of fun sessions to share with you hopefully soon.

as of now i am trying to deal with photo shoots (at the moment i am caught up! yay!) and a broken laptop (that will hopefully be fixed soon. yay!)  and things just aren’t happening quickly around here. sorry for the silence on the blog. i tried to use my old laptop but it creeks along at a snails pace when i open photoshop.  its just too much for it.   i really do have the best intentions for this blog. 🙂

*photo by sb childs


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