project life – catch up: week 28. 29.30. 31. 32. 33. 34.

i haven’t blogged about project life (or anything really) in a long time.  until last week i was still stuck in august and fully ready to give up.

i mean, i made it from january to august documenting every week – thats pretty good right?  but i just couldn’t quite quit. so i jumped back into it.

and i am happy to say… i am completely caught up again!!!  unbelievable.

week 28. includes a special insert about running the color run 5k.

week 29.

week 30.

week 31.

week 32.

week 33.

week 34.

i will break this up into two updating posts – the rest will follow next week.

i will definitely be evaluating this year of doing project life and will be making plans of doing project life in some way in 2013.  I am thinking of doing it on a smaller scale.. either by cutting down the pages each week or using only one page per month or one page  a week vs two per week.  It is a lot of pressure to do it as intensely and detailed as i did this year.  but so worth it and so much fun to flip back through.

thanks for following me along on this journey.


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