at home: on my walls

the previous owners of our home really did a number on our walls.

i am not exaggerating when i say each wall needs repairs…

so while that is happening – the boy is giving me some freedom to try out whatever i would like on the walls (knowing they will be painted and repaired eventually)

this is a wall in my studio. i love it.  (and i wasn’t too worried about getting things straight since it will eventually be patched and painted)

(pardon the bad photo, its quite rainy here today)

i estimate that i have approximately 30 dollars in this gallery display.

if you want to do something similar in your home, i suggest keeping your eye out for interesting pieces in flea market, garage sales, and goodwill.

here’s where i got mine:

the letters are from hobby (i purchased them 50% off this week as hobby lobby always has such sales)

the canvas is from target but i got it at goodwill – its the most expensive piece i think it was between 7-10 dollars

same with the clock at the top is from goodwill, as is the one on the bottom (but i do know the brand for that was pier one)

the abacus is from a flea market ( i got two!) i love it and had originally planned to paint it. not sure if i still will. inspired by crate and barrel.


happy wall decorating! 🙂



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