project life week 17

this week is a bit of a mix up in the collection. this week was “week in the life” as designated by ali edwards where you do more of a day by day detailed account of your week.  i didn’t really prepare for this so i wasn’t fully commited, but i do like the idea.  so instead of a weekly glimpse i broke it up to daily accounts this week.

i chose to use baseball card sleeves for each day (inspired by elise).  I haven’t finished the title page (back of week 16) so i photographed them individually.

recording each days events really holds you accountable for how you spend your time. it also really makes you realize how fleeting these moments and memories are. if i didn’t write down details from wednesday, it was almost impossible for me to reaccount what i did by saturday.  just a couple days!  gesh. either i have a bad memory or.. i have a bad memory.

what a nice review on how valuable and fleeting time really is.

this was a really big project to take on and something i won’t be attempting again for a while.


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