date: march 15, 2012. 12:10 pm

location: sunshine

watching: cars zoom by and the wind blow through the trees

reading: journal entries from a year ago and reflecting on relationships

listening: wind blow through the house

eating: noodles and canned tomato juice

drinking: milk that is perhaps a bit expired judging by the label

enjoying: exercising in the sun and mixing it up with sidewalk chalk to add something fun to running

thinking: reflecting on the previous two years and the relationship with the boy since we first met around this time in 2010

loving: warm weather and the arrival of spring

wondering: about what needs to happen next

creating: a game to help me stay motivated in running

wanting: to take more photographs & be a better person



Thanks for being here! I am Lindsey, mom of 5 littles and avid photographer. We love exploring, traveling, and taking photos everyday.


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