February: Currently



appreciating all the hard work going on around our house right now.  progress. progress.

eating pizza. too much pizza.

watching too much trashy reality television.

loving new doors going into my studio, sooo close to being able to have my room back

planning our wedding. always the wedding.

still trying to get to the gym 4-5 times a week.

walking to work in the snow when i get locked out of my own car. won’t be making that mistake again.

enjoying my succulents in the house in this dreary weather, and sunshine today. 

ordering these new boots and loving them.

wanting winter to be over and spring, warm weather, and wedding season to be here.

buying lots of new scrapbook supplies at the archivers going out of business sale.

playing words with friends with the boy

drinking less soda, more water & chocolate milk.

marveling at the idea of watering my plants with ice cubes so it doesn’t make a mess (from this blog)

shopping for trim, doors, and other house goodies.

working on  the house and wedding … house and wedding. on repeat.

clearing out rooms to work and trying to find new spaces to store stuff in the meantime. (note – if you buy a house to remodel, its a good idea to get a big one so you have places to constantly shuffle stuff around)

looking forward to no more snow and a new mailbox since a plow knocked ours off at the base



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