hitting the trail

i have a love/hate relationship with running. ok mostly a hate relationship.

i always try to love it, i do, but i dread it and feel miserable while doing it.

since moving to carmel we now live by a great running trail and it is really helping me want to get out more. (9 miles a week!)

some things i have learned:

1. going slow helps – a lot. i tend to run fast and have to stop a lot – going slower i can run continually.

2. wearing the correct outfit helps  – comfort makes the whole experience much easier to get through.

3. having a partner that holds you accountable makes it hard to quit. (thanks boy)

4. setting a goal is important – having an incentive also helps 😉

5. i record all my times & distances to track improvement although i can already feel the improvement after 2 1/2 weeks.

6. switch it up. sometimes i go different ways and sometimes on off days we bike ( i only run every other day)


these are just some things that help me – happy trails!

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