{this week}

i don’t have much to blog about this week.
i’m really busy thinking about resumes, portfolios, houses, graduation, jobs, futures…
i asked the boy what to blog about and he suggested himself
i always blog about you i say, and he just grins. i guess he likes it. i didnt even know he read it.
i’m still not convinced he does.
i did however make a scrapbook page this week.

in july we rode our bikes to the bend in the road where the little old lady plants wildflowers
it was a fun time, so in january i decided to scrapbook about it.
actually because i got a new scrapbook magazine and those are the pictures i had printed and laying out. it makes me miss warm weather. i would have had pictures sooner, but its dark when i get home. and i don’t like using the flash. so there’s my excuse.

i keep forgetting my hat. plus it messes up my hair. and we have both been sick. i wonder why. my ears are always cold. the boy offers me his hat but its a boy hat and i don’t want to look like a boy.

look i had plenty to blog about all along. happy weekend!


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