yard progress

our yard is big and out of control. it was too much to take on last spring to try to tame it in the spring since we were just moving in. now that we have lived here a year (what?!) I decided it’s time to kick it up a notch on the landscaping. 10 yards of mulch, lots of posion ivy, and hours of work later, it is coming along nicely.  i enjoy spending at least an hour before sunset working on it the evenings. it’s really taking shape, but i know that maintaining it is going to be a full time job.

a couple before shots:and in progess/ currently after:

chop. chop.  the backyard has yet to be touched, trying to get the front yard under control first.  the boy is more just playing than actually working on something here. 😉learning lessons as i go, next time i probably won’t be planting my tulips in a line …seemed like a good idea at the time …love the short window of time when this tree is so beautiful.

after: a little love around the mailbox.  i still don’t care for the big rocks down there but they are little hard for me to move and I can’t really dispose of them easily so for now they stay.  the start of a garden to the left and some pretty spring colors. our neighbors landscaping is just beautiful and an inspiration.first peony of the season.  


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