the day we tore up our yard

We have known since we moved in that our backyard had some  issues.  We have a decent sized piece of land that was just overgrown, not well designed, and had drainage issues.  The best solution was tobasically scrap the whole thing and start over.   We have future plans of installing a second backdoor (the only current back door goes through our sunporch) and building a deck.  Step one was fixing our water issues.  Luckily nothing has flooded since we have lived here but it’s always been in the back of our mind as a possibility and with the new hardwood installed in our lower living room, that is just not a good thought.  Thankfully I have a dad with a background in excavation and he made quick work of this overwhelming (to us) issue. Starting over has really just begun since now I need to actual plan what will happen as far as flower beds and grass and decks and patios will go.

Some before shots of the overgrown disaster:





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