making progress

i must give the boy credit, now that soccer season is over, he is working on project like mad around the house.

his latest adventure – besides (finally!! beginning to paint) was making me more shelving in my studio.

why this was a priority – i’m not sure…other than the boards were on sale.. whatever the case, i will take it!

sadly i forgot to snap before photos until i had already removed most of the junk. just image it stacked high was teetering piles

after: i have high hopes of getting it to a more organized state – but this is far better than what it was.

a note about the laundry basket in the photo: we have a laundry shoot from upstairs that dumps out into this closet.

its a little strange and a tad usefulness – until he added bigger shelves that a basket could actually sit on to catch the laundry.

it doesn’t get it into the basement – but it does get it two floors closer for me – plus its just fun to use.

a pretty little plant that i haven’t managed to kill yet. i love the tiny little blooms.


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