ski day | jackson hole, wyoming

I have a love/hate relationship with skiing.  I hate it because I have never been able to find a boot that I can wear without extreme pain or that fits my bigger calves.  It’s really hard to enjoy it when you are in paint the whole way down.  Every year I say this is my last year and I am going to retire.  So far I am on year four..that’s pretty amazing.  I love it because I do see myself improving and it means so much to Tom that I enjoy it.  I was lucky enough to take a lesson this year (thanks Lisa!) so hopefully I improved even more.  I enjoy the atmosphere and seeing Tom’s younger cousins become phenomenal skiers is so amazing.   This year we left early and went to Alta to ski for a day.  That ski resort is in Salt Lake and a world of difference from Jackson Hole.  The slopes are shorter and much easier, I think I learned how to ski at an “old age of 22” and at one of the most challenging resorts!

2014-01-20_00212014-01-20_00202014-01-20_00192014-01-20_0018The view is good. 🙂2014-01-20_00172014-01-20_0016Megan in the background.2014-01-20_0014The rest of the gang on the chair lift.2014-01-20_00132014-01-20_00122014-01-20_00112014-01-20_0010Wyatt loves to jump.  I don’t think there will come a day when I jump.  This was my first experience of skiing on a cloudy day.  Totally different experience.

 It takes away some fear because you can’t see down, but it is also scarier because…you can’t see down. 2014-01-20_00092014-01-20_0008Riding in the gondola is fun…except the part where you have to get out (and you are really high!) and then you have to ski down!
2014-01-20_00072014-01-20_0006Luke on the slopes.  How amazing is it that this boy has been skiing since he could basically walk. Unbelievable. 2014-01-20_00052014-01-20_00042014-01-20_00032014-01-20_00022014-01-20_0001

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