{motivation monday}

i’ve been running.

i hate running.

a lot.

always have. probably always will.

in elementary school, i always forgot and wore a dress or skirt on gym days.

in middle school i dreaded running around the gym on “mile run days”

in high school, we barely had P.E. so that was a good thing.

so i thought if i got some motivation ..a.k.a. this watch that tells me my progress it would be rewarding to run.

so far it’s working.

i’ve ran 6.72 miles in 3 days.

that’s a lot for a person that never runs.

i do it in the morning so its cool and gets the worst part out of the day out of the way.

hopefully i can keep it up.

because really, 20 minutes of my life is not that much to give up to be healthier.

i just hope it gets easier.


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