walking on ice

What a terrible cold snowy winter we have been having here in the midwest. I can’t ever remember it being this cold for this long.  Come on spring.  One day when it reached a balmy 35 degrees we decided to go for a run because the gym just isn’t the same as running outside and if felt good to get out in the sunshine.  We have two large (well 3 actually) lakes in our neighborhood that we run past on the way to the Monon running path.  I had noticed that some people have been out ice fishing and I thought it was a great time to run out on the ice.  How many chances will we have to do this while we live here? I don’t know.  Not every year that’s for sure.  What a fun little run we had. Well at least the pond walking part was fun, the 60 minutes of running that followed not so much. 😉



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