Cruising | Cartagena, Columbia

Columbia was easily my least favorite port.  The city was rundown, the people pestered you to buy their goods, and there was trash everywhere.  The best part of this port was getting back on the boat.  I just felt like it was dangerous to be walking around as much as we were. (In the end, we were fine and didn’t have any trouble.)  I am pretty sure we are the only people on the boat that walked from the downtown city area back to the port.  Mostly because it was difficult to even find our way back into the port and everyone seemed confused why we were there.  At the port, they built a tourist area with a mini zoo.  This was the best part, watching and photographing the birds.  Tom enjoyed the fort, but decided not to go inside since it cost a lot to enter. I sent a postcard home from this country and it only took about 2 months to make it back to Indiana! I thought that thing was long gone. The flowers in the picture are some of my favorite tropical flowers.  I remember them from my trip to Costa Rica with my sister in high school.  They are just so bright and beautiful. 2015-03-02_00012015-03-02_00022015-03-02_00032015-03-02_00042015-03-02_00052015-03-02_00062015-03-02_00072015-03-02_00082015-03-02_00092015-03-02_00102015-03-02_00112015-03-02_00122015-03-02_00132015-03-02_00142015-03-02_00152015-03-02_00162015-03-02_00172015-03-02_00182015-03-02_00192015-03-02_00282015-03-02_00212015-03-02_00222015-03-02_00232015-03-02_00242015-03-02_00252015-03-02_00262015-03-02_00272015-03-02_0020

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