Cruising | Willemstad, Curacao

The island of Curacao was one of my favorite stops on the cruise.  I just loved the bright colors and the walking bridge moves to allow for big ships to pass through.  That was a really  unique!  We took a tour of this island and learned a lot of cool facts.  All of their food and imports come from Venezuela since its the closest main island.  Most of the beaches here were privately owned so we didn’t swim while we were here.   We also visited a liquor plantation and Tom sampled the local made liquor.  He was not a fan! The weather was beautiful for our visit and we had a great time here. 2015-02-22_00292015-02-22_00012015-02-22_00092015-02-22_00062015-02-22_00072015-02-22_00082015-02-22_00102015-02-22_00252015-02-22_00112015-02-22_00272015-02-22_00122015-02-22_00282015-02-22_00132015-02-22_00142015-02-22_00152015-02-22_00172015-02-22_00182015-02-22_00192015-02-22_00262015-02-22_00202015-02-22_00212015-02-22_00162015-02-22_00222015-02-22_00232015-02-22_00052015-02-22_00242015-02-22_00042015-02-22_00022015-02-22_0003

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