Cruising | Oranjestad, Aruba

We loved Aruba.  It was probably one of our favorite stops on the trip.  We were there for unprecedented huge waves.  All of the locals were out soaking up the chance to body surf.  Mostly the travelers steered clear of being in the waves since they were so big and overwhelming.  Tom loved it.  It’s hard to really take in how big the waves were from the photos, so you will have to take my word for it.  🙂

We walked briefly through the streets of the town in the morning, and took a city bus to the miles and miles of endless beaches.  It was hot and gorgeous.  There was white sand and blue skies as far as you could look.  We didn’t do many activities here except just hang out on the beach.

Almost every morning we woke up before sunset and went out on the front decks to watch the sunrise and take photos.  The winds were out of control on those front decks, but made for some funny photos. 2015-02-13_00072015-02-13_00062015-02-13_00112015-02-13_00082015-02-13_00022015-02-13_00052015-02-13_00032015-02-13_00202015-02-13_00042015-02-13_00212015-02-13_00122015-02-13_00152015-02-13_00162015-02-13_00172015-02-13_00192015-02-13_00222015-02-13_00182015-02-13_00092015-02-13_00102015-02-13_0001

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