Cruising | Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have plans to share a bit of a photo series about about our trip to the Panama Canal.  I will break it down by days / what country we were visiting that day.  My goal is to hopefully share photos once a week from this trip.  I think in total we took close to 4,000 photos of this 12 day cruise, plus time in Florida before and a trip to Disney World the day after.  Needless to say, I am still sorting through and editing photos and choosing my favorites.

These pictures are from our first day on the boat, leaving port in Ft. Lauderdale and sailing towards the Bahamas.   2015-01-08_00012015-01-08_00022015-01-08_00082015-01-08_00032015-01-08_00072015-01-08_00042015-01-08_00092015-01-08_00062015-01-08_0005

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