a new years eve engagement at jackson hole

i had the honor of photographing the boy’s sister’s engagement at the top of the tram at jackson hole mountain resort.  this was definitely the coldest thing i have ever photographed.

it was a beautifully clear day and the photos look warm and sunny but i assure you, it was not warm.  joey was trying to coax megan out of her coat, hat, gloves, etc for the photo but she kept repeating “no, no, no”

until of course, she figured out what was coming next and then her answers quickly changed to “yes, yes, yes”.

photographing this engagement was so much fun, i definitely hope i have the opportunity to photograph more of them in the future.


the group minus me taking the photo and all of us skied from the top. a terrifying experience.

the boy and i

scott and lisa
sarah and meganmegan and joey waffle restaurant at the top of the mountain and where we went to warm up after all of the excitement

calling their parents 🙂 my favorite photo of the day (taken by the boy!)

so happy for you two!


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