5 things on friday


1. It has been a long rough week, so happy for Friday.

2. I changed my fitbit from the zip to the fitbit flex and am loving it.   My fitbit zip died when it unfortunately went swimming in a pool and is not waterproof. 🙁  My only complaint about the flex is that I wish it included a watch on the band, because I constantly look at it thinking I am wearing a watch.  Now that more people I know have them it is a lot more fun to compete with your friends!

3. In the process of ordering some wedding photo prints and feeling so grateful to have had such a beautiful day.  I will try to share some here soon, but in the mean time you can see photos of our day on our photographer’s blog here.

4. Currently in house clean out mode.  Ready to have  a yard sale and get rid of some of our stuff.  Also equally as ready to have an empty weekend on the calendar.  Summer is flying by.

5. Planted some dahlia bulbs on Wednesday and now it has rained every day since.  I really hope they grow because everything I read said they should not be watered until they have sprouted.  It was a lot of time and money getting them all in the ground.  Crossing my fingers they still grow.


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