project life: documenting christmas

i wanted to do something to document the story of Christmas this year, even though i did not do project life last year.

i went with a baseball card pocket folder which i filled with little stories and momentos of christmas.

i am seriously in love with this method of scrapbooking because it’s so quick!  Each pocket is like a mini layout.  And I like all things mini!

i really really would like an instax camera but i’ve been hearing arguments (from the boy) against it because i have two professional cameras now & thats just a “toy” – so here’s what i did. i love the look of those pictures, so i downloaded these frames.  Then I inserted the pictures I took into the frames (in photoshop) and printed them at home.  I’m pretty happy with it.  Gives me the look and avoids a lot of the cost with a higher quality picture to boot.

I also wanted to include the Christmas card I made this year.  So I slid it into an  8 1/2 by 11 divider and sewed up the side, then cut off the excess.  On the back I included notes about the card.Have a great weekend!



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