it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas..

i am having fun decorating our house for Christmas.

i am still not really done arranging things but i just glanced at the calendar and realized Christmas is in two weeks. perhaps i should just call it good for this year.

i had intentions of snapping more photos and doing it sooner, but this darn day light savings time makes photo taking a challenge. it was also pretty cloudy this weekend.

finally we have one room finished and painted so that is where i did the majority of christmas decorating. i love it so.


my favorite little tree. i tried to keep all the colorful ornaments onto smaller trees and keep my big tree neutral. i love all these felt ornaments that are popular right now.  who buys an octopus  and walrus christmas ornament?!?  this girl does!  i also love this tree because i scored some little tiny vintage balls at a flea market and they look so good on this little gold tree. (tree is from hobby lobby)

our big tree.  i’m pretty happy with it since i only paid 20 dollars used for it. plenty of room to add more ornaments in the future. 

i love little christmas houses – i will keep this little scene up all winter – hopefully adding some more detail to it – good start though.

i bought this little truck at half price day at goodwill because i had spotted this idea on pinterest and loved it. little did i realize the truck was missing some wheels. so i had to rearrange them and its a little wobbly but still perfectly good for this prop.

i found this ski boot at rei for the boy this year. its the perfect ornament for him.  this is his favorite time of year.

our little christmas card collection. yes they are all from businesses. no i don’t mind.  i dipped pine cones in paint to give them a different look and placed them in a bowl.


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