our valentines day

our valentines was pretty low key.

we stayed home and grilled our own steaks.

i mourned not being able to eat chocolate while having some strawberry ice cream.

we rented two red box movies (the perks of being a wall flower & baby mama) both were very good.  it was a lovely day.

the candles at dinner were the boy’s idea. the closest he has ever come to being called “romantic”

my favorite little valentine sporting her new headband.  she left it on surprisingly well.the boy doesn’t believe in fresh flowers so i got a rose plant instead.

along with a bike helmet, sunglasses, and the money he didn’t spend on fresh flowers.  all thoughtful gifts.

i gave the kiddos i nanny some flowery accessories and new trucks. along with some Hershey kisses.

kip says he “loves valentines day and loves treats!”

I couldn’t decide which card I liked best for the boy, so i gave him all three. win win win.

hope you had a day full of love!



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