valentine’s day

the boy and i are terrible at keeping gifts a surprise. (actually he is much better than me)

so we pretty much get gifts all the time, but i still wanted to give him something special on my favorite holiday. i love love.

i had found these boxers at j.crew in december and the check out lady said she had gotten some for her boyfriend & she was going to save them for valentines

i thought that was a great idea so i stuck mine away too.

then at a random trip to the mall, i stopped in to check out hallmarks cards (and was reminded why i make my cards) but i did find this one card that looked identical to the boxers i had bought. it was a must have.

and i also had saw this sign, at our craft show in november that i fell in love with. it reminded me so much of him. but it was 80 dollars. yikes.

the super awesome part is that i was able to paint it outside in january in indiana. that is like unheard of. we have been so blessed with weather.

i loved the fact that it was huge.  so i decided to make my own version. (i still like the original better, but i feel good making it for a whole lot less).

he seemed to like it, and the fact i didn’t spend 80 dollars too 😉

i am sure it will find a special spot in our new home.



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