in pictures | london, england [part 2 of vacation series]

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we made it to london in the evening the first night. we stayed on the edge of the city in the wembly area, which had recently been updated for the olympics. it holds the soccer stadiums.  tom has previously visited london so he was semi-familiar with the area (or so he said).  A fairly short walk from the London Underground to our Holiday Inn hotel.

We explored Westminster Abby, visited Big Ben, saw the Houses of Parliment, Walked around Hyde Park for quite a bit, had lunch at a pizza hut (still not a fan of the food here), visited Tower Bridge and got to see it drawn up, which was Tom’s favorite, saw the London Bridge. (Interesting fact about London Bridge is that when they replaced the original, they took it town and transported it to Arizon where they put it back together. didn’t know that!) Went to a pub where we discovered we had lost our credit card.  didn’t realize it until we tried to use it here and were halfway across town from our lunch spot where we guessed we had left it.  luckily tom had a working cell phone and could easily call the restaurant confirm they had it and a couple underground trains later we had it back.   Once we had retrieved it, we were gettting close to our reservation time to go up in the London Eye.   Awesome experience.  After the London Eye we took the underground to Picadilly Circus which is their shopping district.  Tom things that calling shopping a circus is a perfect discription.  Then it was back to the hotel for a little swimming and dinner at a near by mcdonalds.  I have never eaten so much McDonalds as we did in Europe. Gross.  But only semi affordable/recognizable food.  Plus the only place with free bathrooms.  We never exchanged any cash so even if we wanted to pay, we literally had no money for bathrooms.

unfortunately we did not see kate or harry while we were visiting. haha


traveling on the metros with this much luggage is not something i recommend ;)my favorite train station: London St. Pancras International Train Station 

Buckingham Palace
sights and sounds of london
princess diana memorial in hyde park
the beautiful rose garden in hyde park.
gym class in the park
kensington palace, home of the new royal baby
the london eye_MG_3752it was raining and i couldn’t win the “we should ride this”debate, so i settled for a picture.  we didn’t have any euros anyway.
tower bridge_MG_3725_MG_3684
and finally london bridge
next up, taking a train to paris!

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