in pictures: interlaken, switzerland [part 4 of vacation series]

Finally getting around to sharing the last and favorite leg of our trip..Switzerland.  We traveled via high speed train from Paris to Switzerland which took about an entire day and was very hot.  We stayed in Interlocked, a very very small town that was just so beautiful.  The only way we traveled was by train and it was definitely our favorite leg of the trip being out of the cities and into the relaxing mountains.

After much debate over the shocking prices of every activity here, we decided that we came here to see the mountain and we will probably never be back.   So despite the hurt to the pocket book we took the train up to the top of Mount Jungfraujoch, also known as the “Top of Europe”.  It took 2 hours and 4 trains but we finally made it to the top.  It was so beautiful and we  couldn’t have asked for better weather.  While we are up at the top we did some hiking and it was warm warm warm despite the snow in the photos.  We got nasty sunburn because snow amplifies the reflection and we forgot to pack sunblock.  Definitely wasn’t an issue during the earlier part of our trip when  the skies were quite glooomy.  I still have nice lines on my legs from those capris I chose to wear.

We took two days here and more pictures than you can image ( the boy alone took 3,000…) so these pictures are the first day, will blog the next day in a separate and final post of this wonderful vacation.

they built a train up through the mountain for visitors to get to the top.  we stopped twice along the way to see look out points.  how crazy (and scary!) that we are inside a mountain in this picture!

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