In Photos | Kayla’s Bridal Shower

I am excited to share images with you today from a bridal shower I photographed.  I was so honored to take photos at Kayla’s beautiful bridal shower.  This was one of the most beautiful showers I have been to and the games were very exciting and unique.  Each guest sewed buttons on a quilt square that another guest is going to combine into a beautiful blanket for the bride and groom.  What a great idea. Kayla had a beautiful sunny warm day in January for her shower.  Best wishes to Kayla and Kyle for a beautiful wedding in June and life of happiness together. 2015-02-20_00042015-02-20_00012015-02-20_00232015-02-20_00022015-02-20_00262015-02-20_00182015-02-20_00032015-02-20_00062015-02-20_00112015-02-20_00122015-02-20_00222015-02-20_00132015-02-20_00142015-02-20_00152015-02-20_00162015-02-20_00172015-02-20_00192015-02-20_00202015-02-20_00212015-02-20_00242015-02-20_00252015-02-20_00102015-02-20_00092015-02-20_00272015-02-20_00272015-02-20_00282015-02-20_00292015-02-20_00302015-02-20_00312015-02-20_00052015-02-20_00082015-02-20_00072015-02-20_0032


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