thankful thoughts

i think thanksgiving is a pretty silly holiday

i dont think we should need one day to be thankful, we should spend everyday being thankful

but its a good reminder none the less. here’s a snippet of my thankful list for 2011..

1. the fact that im done with school forever

2. that i have no loans looming over my head for said school

3. each and everyone i photographed in 2011. (over 30 families & 3 marriages!)

4. the boy that helps me with life everyday

5. the opportunity to still live with my family til we figure out what’s next.

6. all the kind words & support i have received in 2011

thank you.

hope you and yours had a very lovely weekend


p.s. i found that lovely hat at target for 2.50 and that is my very handsome grandpa sporting it on thanksgiving


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