Right Now

photo: stanley being adorable

Listening to the wind roaring outside

Thinking about what groceries to get at the store

Missing the boy and wondering what he is doing right now

Planning details about the wedding in my head

Surfing the internet for inspiration and being inspired by people. currently inspired by ali edwards.

Checking to see if anything i am selling on ebay has bids yet…it does. this is good.

Wishing google wasn’t ending all things good and keeping google reader around. trying to adjust to blog reading on feedly instead.

Feeling very tired and wishing i had gone to bed early and exercised this morning.

Being proud of myself for running the past two days and realizing the only way to make myself not dread it is to get it over with in the morning.

Trying to decide on wedding invitations is a lot harder than I thought!

photo: larry not being as cooperative


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