Currently | June Edition

We are transitioning to a new internet at our house so there has been a lull in posts, that is why.  New internet is scheduled to be set up on Friday (and by Friday we should also have a new member of our family to share!)  🙂

enjoyed | our last month as a family of two

biked | to work. well, one of us did 😉

transitioned | to my first month of “stay at home mom”

stained | our doors for the first time and it went well. we had been putting this task off

finished | the final touches on the nursery

grew | green beans by the bowl full

created | bows. I am obsessed with making headbands and bows, can’t wait to list some in my etsy shop soon!

captured | maternity photos in the river

swam | one of us found a new love at the waterpark



Thanks for being here! I am Lindsey, mom of 5 littles and avid photographer. We love exploring, traveling, and taking photos everyday.


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