26 Before 27



I am officially closer to 30 than 20!  So what’s better to do than to make a list of things to achieve this year.  I have attempted these kind of lists where you complete as many goals as years old you are before.  Usually I fail miserably, but I have decided to give it a go again this year.  Right now I am on a goal list making kick so I am hoping for success.  At least this year I actually completed writing the list so I am already ahead of the game.

1. Go on a “honeymoon”

2. Cook 5 new meals.

3. Sew a quilt.

4. Travel somewhere new.

5. Write and mail 5 letters.

6. Go one month with no Target shopping.

7. Volunteer.

8. Get a new passport and use it.

9. Purchase missing charms on bracelet.

10. Submit wedding publications.

11. Save “x” amount money each month into saving.

12. Do a month photo challenge.

13. Draw a floor plan for house.

14. Create 5 D.I.Y. Projects

15. Bike to downtown and back from our house.

16. Start a new retirement plan.

17. Continue to do Project Life in 2015.

18. Organize all our photos on the desktop computer in a system.

19. Photograph 10 new clients.

20. Completely finish re-doing “Family Room”

21. Completely finish 2 vacation trip scrapbooks.

22. Write down more stories.

23.  Enjoy this year as a family of 2.

24.  Submit scrapbook layout.

25. Create complete branding for photography

26. Draw up plan for flower beds in yard.


Thanks for being here! I am Lindsey, mom of 5 littles and avid photographer. We love exploring, traveling, and taking photos everyday.


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