In Pictures | The Flow Rider

What better way to spend our final days as a family of 2 than at our local gym/waterpark.  Actually, the lazy river is about the only option I have of things I can do, but I don’t mind being the photographer/spectator for Tommy’s adventures.  Even floating on the lazy river isn’t as relaxing as it sounds with a big belly to fit in a tube.  There isn’t really a comfortable position.  However, Tom is just loving this “flow rider” wave machine.  All the rain we have been having has really been putting a damper on his water park days.  2015-06-18_00022015-06-18_0001Waiting for his turn…observing the pros. 2015-06-18_00032015-06-18_00042015-06-18_0005There is a “cheering/spectator section” in the front.  People love to laugh at the crashes. 2015-06-18_00062015-06-18_00072015-06-18_00082015-06-18_00092015-06-18_00102015-06-18_00122015-06-18_00112015-06-18_0013Proud of his run/ glad he didn’t break a limb!2015-06-18_0014

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