In Pictures | John D. MacArthur Beach State Park North Palm Beach, FL

We stumbled up one of the best state beaches I have visited in Florida.  We had time after we docked, before heading to Orlando for Disney the next day.  Tom wanted to go to the beach and we kind of just randomly drove and got off and googled beaches.  This one cost 5 dollars to get into, was sooo beautiful, had the nicest park rangers, tons of sea shells, and was not crowded at all.  The water was chilly in December but still totally swim-able. North Palm Beaches for the win!  Here is the link to the park!2015-03-27_00122015-03-27_00012015-03-27_00022015-03-27_00032015-03-27_00042015-03-27_00052015-03-27_00062015-03-27_00072015-03-27_00082015-03-27_00092015-03-27_00112015-03-27_0010

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