Housework | Nursery Update

There has been so much going on around our house lately, I realized I have taken tons of photos but hardly shared anything.  Tom is working extra hard to get everything ready for the baby.  We have been working on her room.  The walls got repaired and painted a light gray.  Our whole house is going to be a nice neutral light gray.  I am not really into painting rooms colors, more about lots of light and brightness. Eventually we may get curtains if the shades don’t do a good enough job to allow her to sleep during the day.

The room is getting a full make over.  New paint, new hardwood flooring, new overhead light  /fan (there was no light in the room at all before), new trim, new doors,  and a new closet with built in shelves. 2015-05-27_00012015-05-27_00042015-05-27_0005Tom assembling the cribs.  (We are only keeping one but I purchased both used and found one I liked then found another I liked better.) I needed both set up to make sure I picked the right one. 🙂  The rest of her furniture will be white.  Dressers we already had and I will just use the top of the dresser as a changing station.   The other colors in her room will be gold and pink and maybe some teal.
2015-05-27_00032015-05-27_0006New door frames going in..
We purchased unfinished doors for our home and have to stain them all ourselves.  We have had the doors forever (and the stain) but we have never stainted things before and were terrified to mess up all these expensive doors.  This weekend we attempted our first one.  We started with a basement closet door incase it didn’t go so well.  Surprisingly together we got it stained and it was easier than we had anticipated.  We were really happy with the results so hopefully the rest of the doors will go as well.  We still have to seal it but at least the colors are looking good.  We chose white trim and dark doors. Tonight we are going to attempt the three doors that go in the little one’s nursery so they can be installed and the rest of the trim put in.   2015-05-27_00112015-05-27_00072015-05-27_00102015-05-27_0012Stanley, the cat, always supervising. 2015-05-27_0009


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