August Goals | Better Late Than Never



We were on vacation for what felt like the first half of August! On our way home I began thinking about everything that needed done around the house and the fact that Tom’s busy season with soccer referring would be starting as soon as we got back.  This means a lot more alone time for me to get things done.  Inspired by Elise, I created a goal list to finish out the rest of August with.  I make daily To-Do lists but these are bigger, hang over your head, never get crossed off items that went on the monthly goal list.  I taped it to the fridge for 2 reasons: 1. So I would see it multiple times a day 2. So Tom would see it multiple times a day.  And just maybe it would inspire him to help cross off some of the goals.  Just 2 weeks left to finish these tasks and I have already began creating a list for September.

p.s. Isn’t it awesome that my fridge has my new initials on it 😉


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