The Streets of Savannah, Georgia

We spent about a day and half in Savannah Georgia.  It was so historically beautiful.  I wanted to take a photo on every corner.  This city is now on my bucket list of places I want to return to take family photos someday in the future.  This city would be a dream to be a photographer in.  So rich in character.

The downside of this city was definitely the lack of parking and the fact that one of the main “sights” to see are the town squares.  These are beautiful but walking to them all and leaving your car could be a challenge. We had bikes and on the second day were able to find some 2 hour free parking that allowed us to park and hop on our bikes to do some exploring.  This was a great way to cover the most ground and really take in the city.  It’s much easier to stop to take pictures on your bike than in your car. 🙂  The town was full of bikes and mostly we were able to ride at the same pace as cars allowing us to bike on the road with no issue.  What a picture perfect city.


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