spring break has come & gone

{picture from Indianapolis Museum of Art}

spring break has to come to an end eventually unfortunately… even though i didn’t go anywhere fabulous, it will still a good time. here’s a recap of the week: long lost best friend allison came to visit. dinner with a boy. bike rides in nice warm weather. a little bit of working. a lot of card making & scrapbooking. a little bit of blog re-designing…check out the new “pages” at the top. pretty cool. re-arranging my room (these are the things i think about when I can’t sleep at night) some shopping. a trip to indy to the art museum. meeting Gary & Leah from mtv’s “teen mom” and me saying to him “hey, you’re on tv” some yummy cheesecake. the good news is, school always seems to faster after spring break is over. warmer weather, and i think the population of purdue triples when the weather is nice. i like it better when more people are out, the energy is infectious. happy spring.


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