{saying thanks}

thank you notes i designed customized for each client with pictures from their session

(because nobody sends thank you notes anymore & i’m a big fan of them)
i printed them at home using the printer and paper below.
i’m not a fan of printing things at home, especially pictures, but i was impressed with this printer
it by no means replaces having your prints professionally printed.
i love snapfish for their matte finish that you can’t get at walmart and walgreens
i really dislike glossy photos.
the photo on the left was printed at home
and the photo at right is matte printed from snapfish
i still like the one on the right better, but i guess i could be okay with printing some at home
my main purpose for printing them is to scrapbook and tell a story – so as long as i have the original copy, i suppose it would be okay to print them at home
but if i want to frame them, i will always go professional – plus it’s more cost effective
(this is just my thoughts, the boy disagrees with me about all of this)


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