lightbox app

i don’t have an iphone. boo. i have an android phone. this means i can’t get the instagram app that is so popular for taking photos. boo.  (it’s not even so much that i want to use the app, as i want to view other people’s photos! )

so, i have been on the search for a similar app for the droid. i have recently started using lightbox and i’m pretty happy with it.  i definitely perfer photos taken with my dslr but if i am trying to get a photo where i dont want to cause a scene or just be more descrete, i love using my phone. plus it’s always handy.

i like to incorporate details of my images taken with this app in my project life.  doing this is super easy. i go to my lightbox gallery (on the computer), view the photos, and click on the one i would like and save it to my computer. (you can also share the photo on social networks)  i save this photo and then open it in photoshop to change the size and print.  simple as that!

the little film strip from last week’s project life is something i created in photoshop.  i created 4 square shapes, dropped in the photo on top of them, and used a clipping mask (alt)  to secure the picture to the square.  once the photo is attached you can transform (control t) the photo to fit within the shape by making the image dimensions larger or smaller.

hopefully that makes sense.  another great way to document phone pictures and get them off the phone and into a scrapbook! 🙂


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