In pictures: Tybee Island

The week of July 4th, we found out we had some extra time off work, so we decided to take a last minute mini vacation.  We pulled out some camping supplies and clothes and hoped in our car after work on Thursday and headed to the beach.  We had no real plan except somewhere along the East coast. I was thinking maybe South Carolinaish area.  After some discussion, while driving, we ended up settling on Tybee Island as our destination.  It wasn’t until we were about in Lexington, KY when I decided to check the weather and learned that Hurricane Arthur was due to strike this weekend.  That’s what poor planning will get you, a hurricane.  We debated turning our destination in another direction, such as the Gulf Shores.  I really didn’t want to so we decided to go for it.

We drove all through the night (well Tom did thankfully).  We arrived around 8 am, drove around getting a feel for the beachy little town.  The area was more “typical” Florida town, than cute quaint island like I had hoped.  Found the only campground on the island and checked about getting a reservation.  Luckily they had one night available so we hoped on it.  We spent the morning and early afternoon at the beach.  Since this town turned out to be a “pay to park”  everywhere you go town, we were thankful to have our bikes as a way to get around.  The beach was great, the waves were big from the impending storms,and the weather was hot.  The campground was nice, and our little spot was really secluded and cute.  Not so cute at night when you can’t catch a breeze and the tent is about 90 degrees and I woke up covered in itchy bites.

That evening we drove back to Savannah to explore the town and have dinner.  We only ended up staying here one day and one night and these are the photos from our time:


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