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We spent a day at Magic Kingdom on our way home from Florida in December.  I haven’t been to Disney since I was a little and we had a great time.  I was sick a lot of the day but it was still so much fun.  We were the second ones to get to the park in the morning and that was totally the best idea to beat the lines.  I wasn’t able to ride some of the roller coasters so Tom did those in the evening.  Together we rode just about every ride in the park.  Next time we go we will have a little one or two with us and I am sure it will be even more fun. 🙂2015-04-07_00202015-04-17_00012015-04-17_00022015-04-17_00032015-04-17_00082015-04-17_00072015-04-17_00062015-04-17_00052015-04-07_00172015-04-07_00192015-04-17_00252015-04-17_00282015-04-07_00082015-04-07_00072015-04-07_00062015-04-07_00092015-04-07_00052015-04-07_00032015-04-07_00022015-04-07_00012015-04-07_00042015-04-07_00122015-04-07_00112015-04-07_00142015-04-07_00152015-04-07_00182015-04-07_00162015-04-07_00102015-04-17_00232015-04-17_00242015-04-17_00222015-04-17_00212015-04-17_00262015-04-17_0027

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