I made a quilt!

I decided I wanted to make a quilt so I gathered up scraps of fabric that I had leftover from our wedding and just other stuff in general.  Then I went through my closet and took out dress shirts to cut up as well!  I had bought some fabric at the store, but I didn’t want to mess it up on my first try, so I decided to first attempt a small baby size quilt.  It’s not perfect and my lines aren’t straight but I love the colors and I can’t believe I actually made something like this!

2014-09-25_00012014-09-25_00022014-09-25_00032014-09-25_00042014-09-25_00052014-09-25_0006I tried a method online that I had read about with putting tape on the seams.  You stitch on both sides of the tape to keep consistent lines.  This didn’t work too well for me and in the end, I took the tape off and just used my presser foot as a guide on the fabric. 2014-09-25_00072014-09-25_00082014-09-25_00092014-09-25_00102014-09-25_00112014-09-25_00122014-09-25_00132014-09-25_00192014-09-25_00172014-09-25_0015I knew the binding would be the hardest part, and for me it was.  I don’t know why but I just made simple, easy mistakes and it ended up being pretty “messy” and by far not the correct way I am sure.  I followed a blog tutorial you can find here and I also followed a you tube video.2014-09-25_00162014-09-25_0018

I have lots of ideas for more quiltes, I hope to get to work on a new project soon!


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