D.I.Y. Burlap Bulletin Board

i acquired this pretty little white picture frame frame at a moving sale for one dollar.  the woman practically begged me to take it.  there were two but both were missing the back and the glass so i wasn’t sure what i could do with them.  so i only took one.  if i could only go back in time and get the other…

i had played with the idea of turning it into a bulletin board but i wasn’t sure how i wanted to go about it.  i have been in love with the burlap fad that is going around right now and i thought it would be a nice neutral background.  i finally just dove in and went for it and it was so easy!

1. acquire an empty frame.

2. cut a piece of foam core board (could also use cardboard, just had this on hand) the right size to fit inside the frame.

3. cut a piece of burlap big enough to cover the cardboard and then fold it around like a present. hot glue it to the cardboard.

4. i put hot glue around the frame on the inside and glued the cardboard/burlap to frame

5. ta da you are done. i used it as a way to display jewelry at a craft fair i did. i found these awesome little pins to stick in it from tim holtz

have a great weekend!


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