Currently | September


buying – Lots of prints from all our summer adventures – hello scrapbooking.

writing – down memories like its my job before i promptly forget them all

photographing – a clean out of some of my scrapbooking supplies, listing them in my etsy shop

renovating – working on laying down baseboard in one room, buying dry-wall for another room, and hanging a cabinet back in the bathroom

growing – more tomatoes and cucumbers than we can eat

staying – indoors because its too hot to be outside and now that it is hot, the pools are closed

drinking – water, so much water

learning – to cook every night

investing – more time in my forgotten etsy shop

working – on our house again, more pictures coming soon!

reading – the blog: where my heart resides. love her words.


Thanks for being here! I am Lindsey, mom of 5 littles and avid photographer. We love exploring, traveling, and taking photos everyday.


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