Cruising |Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

We are almost done with the cruise pictures!  This was the last major stop on our journey, and the one I looked forward to the most.  I had been lucky enough to travel to Costa Rica when I was in college with my sister. We went zip lining when we were there and we just both really loved that trip.  I was excited to re-visit and knew we wanted to try to zip line again.  This is the only day we did an excursion purchased through the ship.  Tom and I both really enjoyed it.  We definitely didn’t see as much as the country as I had previous, since were were on a bus to and from the zip lining and it was 2 hours away.  However all the people you meet in Costa Rica are so nice and it really just seems like a laid back type of lifestyle there.
2015-03-16_0001Banana plantations everywhere.  In Costa Rica, they don’t even pay for bananas, they have such a surplus. 2015-03-16_00052015-03-16_00062015-03-16_00042015-03-16_00112015-03-16_0002On the left, the start of bananas!  Aren’t they so small and cute at this stage?  On the right, a coco plant which will eventually be turned into chocolate!
2015-03-16_00032015-03-16_00092015-03-16_0008There was a lot of waiting for our turn to zip line, so we made friends with the cruise ship workers who were also on the excursion. This is how you find out all the secrets to cruising. 😉2015-03-16_00132015-03-16_00102015-03-16_0014Baby monkey with his mama!2015-03-16_00322015-03-16_0031Some of the pictures turned out a little blurry.  I didn’t attempt to try to zipline and take pictures so all the photos are of me, sorry Tommy.2015-03-16_00302015-03-16_0029
2015-03-16_00292015-03-16_00282015-03-16_00332015-03-16_00182015-03-16_00272015-03-16_00262015-03-16_00242015-03-16_00232015-03-16_00202015-03-16_00192015-03-16_00172015-03-16_00162015-03-16_00152015-03-16_0012Someone really needed a cheeseburger when we got back on the ship!2015-03-16_00072015-03-16_0021

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