The Melchi Family | Battleground Indiana Family Photographer

Battleground, IN: This family is so very near and dear to my heart.  I have babysat for these children for several years.  The fact that Fielder is now five and I knew them before he was born just makes me feel so old.  I love these kids and getting the chance to photograph them just makes me so happy.  It was a chilly fall morning for these pictures but the kids were champs and did wonderful.  I think the images turned out great.  2013-11-22_00272013-11-22_00282013-11-22_00292013-11-22_00302013-11-22_00312013-11-22_00322013-11-22_00332013-11-22_00342013-11-22_00352013-11-22_00362013-11-22_00372013-11-22_00382013-11-22_00392013-11-22_00402013-11-22_00412013-11-22_00422013-11-22_00432013-11-22_00442013-11-22_00452013-11-22_00462013-11-22_00472013-11-22_00482013-11-22_00492013-11-22_00512013-11-22_00522013-11-22_00532013-11-22_00542013-11-22_00552013-11-22_00562013-11-22_00572013-11-22_00582013-11-22_00592013-11-22_00602013-11-22_00612013-11-22_0062


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