{coming up}

hold onto your hats kids, because coming up i will have my very first tutorial!

it is almost my 200th blog post.. so clearly we need to celebrate.
i started this little blog of mine in 2007! I can’t believe it.
and to be honest, at times it was clearly neglected. hence just now getting to the 200 post mark.
BUT times have been changing and I have been much more consistent now. yay me.
i have been doing a lot of digging through the archives on my computer and boy has my photography changed and developed. yay. it’s almost embarrassing.
so i have been clearing out and refreshing my 90% full mac.
deleting the old and embracing the new.
the boy says i’m deleting memories but ya know, i don’t feel that way.
i’m just making room for new. 🙂
actually i’m just trying to find examples to use for my portfolio so hopefully i can find a job soon.
but anyhoo, soon there will be a tutorial on how to make that snazzy little bracelet above!
so stay tuned
& have a good weekend! yay friday i love you.


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